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Reconditioned Steel Gearbox for the Steel Mill Industry

Reconditioned Steel Gearbox for the Steel Mill Industry
Reconditioned Steel Gearbox for the Steel Mill Industry

Industrial Maintenance Welding & Machining is known throughout the industry for our ability to fabricate and repair large equipment. Tracing its roots all the way back to the early 1970s, Industrial had to call on all its experience and customer service skills when asked to recondition a gearbox for a steel mill. The equipment was a 5-stand sheet mill gearbox that was used to control a series of five rolling mills, or stands. Using our CNC horizontal boring mill, we repaired all the bores in a single step to a tight tolerance of ±0.001".  Although this giant steel gearbox was 9' long, 7' wide, and 9' high, Industrial Maintenance was easily able to maneuver it with our 80-ton lifting capacity. Finally, the steel gearbox was welded back together, painted, and underwent final visual and dimensional inspection. All repairs were done according to customer specifications and guided by a 2D CAD drawing. This large project required between four and six months to complete.

Not every metal working company has the capacity, equipment, and expertise to handle a project of this size, but Industrial Maintenance Welding & Machining does. Contact us today with your project's welding and machining requirements.

Reconditioned Steel Gearbox Project Highlights

Product Name
Steel Gearbox
Product Description
5 Stand Sheet Mill Gearbox. Reconditioned gearbox welded and machined bores.
Capabilities Applied/Processes


Equipment Used to Manufacture Part
Ingersoll Planer
Overall Part Dimensions
Length: 9'
Width: 7'
Height: 9'
Tightest Tolerances
± 0.001"
Material Used

In Process Testing/Inspection PerformedAdditional Facts
Machined Entire Box Bore in One Step on Planer Mill

Dimensional Inspection
Visual Inspection

Laser Inspection

Industry for Use
Steel Mills
Delivery/Turnaround Time
4 - 6 Months

Standards Met
Customer Specifications
2D CAD Drawing
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