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Repairing of Steel Blast Furnace Parts for the Steel Mill Industry

Repairing of Steel Blast Furnace Parts for the Steel Mill Industry
Repairing of Steel Blast Furnace Parts for the Steel Mill Industry

Experts in the field, Industrial Maintenance Welding & Machining have been repairing heavy-duty blast furnace parts for over 35 years. Our ability to carefully plan the repair process as well as our experience with these difficult repairs has combined to create a seamless transition of work between us and our customers. We use primary skills like welding and machining to repair rugged steel bells distributors, bell rods, and hoppers, all of which are used to produce iron in the steel milling process. Our large welding positioner and large vertical lathe work perfectly to repair hoppers and bells up to 22' in diameter, and bell rods up to 50' long. Steel blast furnace parts are repaired using hard surface welding wire and stainless welds, all to tolerances of ±0.001", or fits of less than 0.003" from bell to hopper. The parts are typically finished to 16 RMS in some areas before reassembly. Dimensional and visual inspections are applied to all blast furnace parts we repair for our steel mill customers from the Midwest to the East Coast. We are guided by customer specifications and 2D CAD drawings on blast furnace part repair projects like these while adhering to American Welding Society standards of D.1.1 and higher.

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Repairing of Steel Blast Furnace Parts Project Highlights

Product Name
Blast Furnace Parts
Product Description
Blast Furnace Parts - Bells, Hoppers, Bell Rods 
These parts produce iron in the steel milling process
Capabilities Applied/Processes

Assemble Complete
Equipment Used to Manufacture Part
Large Welding Positioner
Large Vertical Lathe
Overall Part Dimensions
Hoppers & Bells up to 30' Diameter
Bell Rod 50' Long
Tightest Tolerances
0.001", Less Than 0.003" Fit - Bell to Hopper
Material Used
Hard Surface Welding Wire,
Stainless Weld

Material Finish
16 RMS in some areas
In Process Testing/Inspection Performed
Dimensional Inspection
Visual Inspection
Industry for Use
Steel Mills
Delivery Location
Midwest to East Coast
Standards Met
Customer Specifications
2D CAD Drawing
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